Austin is definitely weird (and awesome)

We had heard all the stories about how unique and vibrant Austin is and after paying a visit there, we can say without a doubt that Austin was everything we were hoping for and more! It’s no surprise that quite a few celebrities call Austin home but our favorite Longhorns are our great friends, Baker and Elizabeth, who graciously hosted us during our visit!

There is a lot to love about this town between Univ. of Texas, the variety of bar/ restaurant scenes, great weather, and strong economy – it’s easy to see why the city has seen so much growth of late. Austin prides itself as a foodie city and you could eat and drink yourself into oblivion trying to visit the ungodly number of bars and ridiculously good food trucks (or food trailers as the locals call them). The city itself has a ton of construction going on – everywhere you look there are new multifamily and retail units popping up.  Although the weather is apparently warm year round, we unfortunately brought the frigid Ohio winter weather with us as temperatures hit record lows, barely making it above 30 degrees the entire weekend. In fact, Friday morning we were greeted with a light cold rain, which is the equivalent of a natural disaster in Austin, evidenced by the 2 hour delay for all schools in the area despite no snow or ice. However, the show had to go on! Muchos tacos, tequila, and cervezas served as warm blankets to cover up the cold for a good majority of the weekend.

All roads lead to Austin, right? Well, not really, but if you’re ever there, we’d recommend Fresas Chicken and Easy Tiger. Also, hands down you have to check out Top Golf! They serve beer and drinks while you pick from one of many driving range games in which they track each ball through a GPS system to keep score.  It’s pretty damn impressive and unlike any driving range experience you’ll ever have (they’ve expanded outside TX and even have locations in the UK now).   A new favorite of Brian’s.

Here we are (bundled up) at a bar on West 6th Street with our superb weekend hosts Baker and Elizabeth – many thanks to both of you for showing us an awesome time!


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