The Crazy Kohns

Welcome to Alison and Brian’s travel blog!  We’re not going to bore you with details about our lives so just put us in the bucket of an ordinary couple who recently made a not-so-ordinary decision.  Realizing both of us had a travel itch to scratch, we decided to uproot from our lives in Charlotte to pursue a year of travel around the world before settling down and changing diapers.

We’re not that interesting and certainly no Pulitzer nominees but we hope this blog will serve as a resource for our friends and family to know where we are, document some of our boring stories, and hopefully inspire a few people to get off the grid every once in a while.  It’s already been such a rewarding experience for us.  Thank you for taking the time to share in our adventures.

If you wish to contact us, give us a shout at or at our personal emails. We would love to hear from you!

Safe Travels,

Alison and Brian

11 thoughts on “The Crazy Kohns

  1. I cant wait to read about your adventures and see where you go! Though I sure will miss my good people being in NC! Yall are awesome and I am so excited for you to have this adventure!!

    • Big Kat, you were a hot topic of conversation in Austin. We also drank some of your Napa wine selection courtesy of the Bakers, which was delicious. Thanks for following and talk soon brother!

  2. Hiya guys!! Sorry to break it to you but the travelling itch never goes away 😉 After every trip, we think this is the one that will rid it from our system but it never does 🙂 ! The itch intensifies when we go, it intensifies when we don’t! So we’ve succumbed 🙂 Shame that work gets in the way 😉 but something needs to pay the mortgage and trips.
    Good for you for taking time off work to do what you love!
    Happy travels and thank you for following our blog! Look forward to your posts.

  3. I wanted you two to know that I’ve been enjoying reading through your posts. It’s been a nice escape from the realities of working life and a Pittsburgh winter! Jean-Pierre and I enjoyed meeting you two on the “slopes” of Antarctica. Enjoy the holidays with your families! If you ever want to visit Pittsburgh, you have a place to stay!

    • Thanks Stephanie – it’s great to hear from you! We also really enjoyed meeting you and Jean-Pierre – what an awesome experience Antarctica was! Happy new year and hope our paths cross again soon!

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